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Beautiful bespoke architectural glass creations in East Sussex

Contrary to its delicate appearance, glass can be treated through physical and chemical processes to yield a surprisingly tough building material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Structures built out of our A-grade safety glass display both exceptional elegance and durability. Architectural glass may just be the unique touch your home needs to reflect your personal taste. Contact Johnsons Glass in Seaford, East Sussex today for more information. 
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Low - Maintenance glass balustrades give any room a high - class touch

Glass is an excellent choice of material for balustrades because it offers many unique benefits. Being relatively light, strong, and durable, it makes installation and maintenance much less of a hassle. These balustrades allow light to pass through them, giving the room the illusion of having much more space. Glass allows for great versatility in design, and is sure to give your staircase a sleek and modern feel.
When designing decks and balconies, it is very important to keep in mind that they will have to endure constant exposure to the elements. Picking out stylish yet durable materials is critical to ensure your total satisfaction with the end product. Tempered glass strikes an excellent balance of functional and visual benefits, and comes highly recommended for outdoor balconies.

Our weather - resistant glass is solid choice for outdoor balconies

Glass walkways make a stunning impression

We design and install bespoke walkways using extra-thick tempered glass. Durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, the material still gives off a lightweight effect to keep your home looking sunny and modern. Our walk-on glass is a stylish addition to your home that serves its role with class and sophistication.
Book your free consultation to learn how  tempered glass can enhance your home.
Book your free consultation today to learn how our architectural glass solutions can enhance the character of your home. CALL JOHNSONS GLASS IN SEAFORD, EAST SUSSEX ON 01323 491 777.
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