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seaford, East Sussex’s leading source for uPVC windows

Modern seals and innovative hinge mechanisms have drastically improved the insulating performance of uPVC windows, aluminium, and wooden window frames across the board. This allows us the freedom to offer the highest standard windows in any style or material you desire. Choose between classic casement and vertical sliders, luxurious French and bay windows, or even state-of-the-art tilt and turn style windows, combining style with thermal efficiency.
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uPVC boasts durability and affordability

There is a good reason that uPVC windows outsell any other type on the market: they offer extremely durable and highly efficient performance at an affordable price. uPVC windows do not need to be painted or sealed to prevent rot and corrosion, drastically cutting down on the amount of maintenance required.

This non-conductive material provides effective insulation and soundproofing alike, and offers many aesthetic choices of colours, finishes, and wood-grains.
Aluminium is a classic and sleek material that does not compromise on durability. Thanks to recent widespread adoption of polyamide thermal break barriers, aluminium window frames now rival even uPVC in terms of insulation. If your budget can accommodate the extra expense, you may find this to be a very attractive long-term solution.

Aluminium provides an attractive alternative 

Wooden windows offer classic good looks 

Wood remains in high demand as a thermally efficient, visually appealing material. Unlike uPVC and aluminium, wood requires regular maintenance, and thus isn’t suitable for every application. The undeniable beauty of stained wood makes it an ideal choice for traditional homes, bringing with it an air of timeless sophistication - and increased property values!  We provide wooden windows for conservatories, and also doors. 
Let us help you pick the best window style for your home.
Let us help you pick the best window style for your home. first consultation is free, so call johnsons glass in seaford, east sussex on 01323 491 777 today!
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