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East Sussex’s first choice for weatherproof uPVC door installation

 We encourage you to also consider one of our many weatherproof uPVC or glass doors as a long-term, low-maintenance solution. Contact us about our door installation today. 
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Incredible durability at a fair price

Unplasticised uPVC is a rigid, lightweight material exceptionally well suited to continual exposure to harsh weather and daily use. uPVC doors don’t need to be coated or treated to withstand the elements, and are thus immune to rot and warping. Its non-conductivity prevents heat from escaping your home, while blocking out unwanted external noise. These doors provide exceptional value for their price point, as well as a wealth of different styles and designs to complement your home seamlessly. We also fit and repair double glazed windows for extra protection. 
While uPVC doors serve their primary functions exceedingly well, many people may find them visually underwhelming as main entryways. Composite doors take the best structural aspects of uPVC doors and blend them with the classic style of wooden doors. While these hybrids are undoubtedly attractive, they are also reinforced for extra security. Composite doors give you the best of both worlds.

Classic and modern elements combine to form the centrepiece of your home

Let natural light expand your living space

French doors make a room feel more spacious than it actually is. The large double windows let in lots of sunlight and can be opened to let in a refreshing breeze. These doors often connect conservatories to the main body of the house, but may also connect larger adjacent interior rooms. The French styling adds a sense of luxury and helps to raise property values.
Our sliding and bi-fold patio doors enhance the interior of your house with refreshing breezes and natural sunlight. Like French doors, these models expand a room and cultivate a sense of luxury, but go about it in different ways. The in-line sliding patio doors take up little floor space while providing maximum sunlight regardless of whether they are opened or closed. The bi-fold doors can open up a room up to a beautiful panorama in conservatories. Contact Johnsons Glass in Seaford, East Sussex today. 

Bringing the outdoors in with style

Contact us to inquire about our installation process and materials.
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