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efficient and affordable BROKEN GLASS REPAIRS IN EAST SUSSEX

While glazed windows and doors are often made of sturdy materials, they are still susceptible to many forms of damage. In such cases, thermal efficiency is lost and energy is wasted, while also leaving your property accessible to intruders. Johnsons Glass Ltd offers expert replacements and repairs  for both large and small fixes. You can rely on us to provide a prompt boarding-up service to keep your property safe in emergency situations.
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Replacing faulty hinges in uPVC windows

A stubborn window that refuses to open or close properly is very often the product of faulty hinges. Determining whether that hinge is broken, twisted, or rusted can be difficult to accomplish on your own. These problems can be expertly diagnosed by our servicemen, with the most cost-effective solution carried out with competence and care.
Thanks to our vast experience, we can provide the exact replacement required quickly and affordably. Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate that we offer our glazing supplies for purchase, with leaded or Georgian bar configurations available in any thickness.

Supplying and installing replacements for smashed glass

Recognizing and replacing damaged seals

Condensation and misting inside of double glazed units are tell-tale signs that a seal has failed and needs to be replaced. Even though these unsightly symptoms will come and go with changes in air temperature, the problem should not be neglected. Don’t let seal failures decrease the thermal efficiency of your home!
Consult with our expert servicemen to repair any damaged glazing in your home!
Consult with our expert servicemen about any of our repairs at johnsons glass in seaford, east sussex on 01323 491 777 
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